Lucky Dip Bag


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A fun and colourful mystery bag providing you with the cutest, handmade items from small brands!

Support indie businesses with these mystery bags designed to put a smile on your (or your friend's face)

Cheer Up Treats introduces new mystery bags full of fun, colourful and positive treats to make your day (or somebody else's). Each box is unique and will contain various items to make you smile. Get a taste of what small Etsy brands have to offer whilst happiness spreads across your features.

Why not treat yourself or a friend or family member today!

The kind of things you might expect to see in your box: button badges, notepads & stationery, motivational postcards, stickers, bookmarks, sweets. Most of which will be handmade so it's a really special gift.

Note: boxes will not contain ALL of these things nor exactly what you can see in the image, these are just some examples.

This particular lucky dip bag is aimed at older teenagers and adults. The contents can also be quite girly. Other versions will be coming soon.